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This site contains contact information for Sacramento County attorneys who have passed our screening test as experts in their area of law.

Unlike most attorney evaluation sites, this site does not charge any of the attorneys to be on this site and does not accept payment to change an attorney’s status on this site.  We strive to remain neutral.


To be added to a section below, the attorney must:

  1. Have a primary practice in the county.
  2. Dedicate much or all of his or her practice to the listed area of law.
  3. Not have a record of incompetence with the California Bar.
  4. Be in practice five years or more.
  5. Be generally known to the site administrators as highly competent.
  6. Be published in a law book or journal related to his or her area of law and/or be certified by the Bar in the listed area of law.

Attorneys are listed in random order.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Family Law Attorneys

  • Margaret B. Walton (916) 924-9800
  • Dennis Mac Wilson (916) 608-8891
  • Victoria Searl Linder (916) 498-1240
  • Joan Marie Maredyth  (916) 452-5500
  • Margaret Elizabeth Shannon  (916) 457-6017
  • Lana Marie Shearer (916) 226-1305
  • Abelardo Anthony Nevarez  (916) 444-2458
  • Dianne Marie Fetzer  (916) 565-1200
  • Marybeth Wentz Martinelli (916) 444-1000
  • Nancy Perkovich (916) 973-1122
  • John William Munsill (916) 985-5601
  • Hal David Bartholomew (916) 455-5200
  • Fredrick S Cohen (916) 925-7177
  • Jill L. Barr  (916) 922-8500
  • Diane Elizabeth Wasznicky (916) 455-5200
  • Stephanie Michelle Bamberger (916) 790-8440
  • John Peter O’Malley  (916) 661-5815
  • Judith Hersh Clark (916) 905-5411
  • Joseph Andrew Hoffman (916) 985-2753
  • Sally K. Callahan (916) 446-1271
  • Charlotte Leigh Keeley (916) 922-4961
  • Frank E Dougherty (916) 567-0990
  • Michelle Lorene Stowell (916) 293-4000
  • Carsen Smith Tazi (916) 287-3237
  • Robert James O’Hair (916) 920-0211
  • Neil Michael Edwin Forester (916) 293-4000
  • Michael Steven Cinnamon (916) 635-6800
  • Donna Threlkel DeCuir (916) 961-3848
  • Nancy Patricia DiCenzo (916) 480-9133
  • Melva Menzies Warriner  (916) 929-9110
  • Stephanie Lynn Williams  (916) 927-8112
  • Darrel Duane Tipton (916) 449-9688
  • Isaac Lee Fischer (916) 452-5500
  • Jeffrey J Posner (916) 920-0211
  • Tiffany Lynn Andrews (916) 790-8440
  • Cheri Lee Simmons (916) 688-4145
  • Matthew Keith Purcell  (916) 293-4000
  • Claire Margaret Buckey (916) 484-0200
  • Sharon Vinnie Cooper  (916) 205-8300
  • Judy Lea Burger (916) 631-1935
  • Elizabeth Noreen Niemi  (916) 239-2315
  • Hugh Ormiston Allen (916) 852-0222
  • Lisa Ann Wible (916) 564-6262
  • Kristine Suzanne Cummings (916) 361-9395
  • Elaine Viola VanBeveren  (916) 920-1487
  • Joseph Richard Winn (916) 631-8585
  • Donald Harvey Latzer (916) 536-0140
  • Paul L. Brimberry (916) 568-8272
  • Carol Francine Delzer  (916) 488-5088 www.FamilyLawCenter.US
  • Mary Christine Molinaro (916) 245-8883
  • Daniel Thomas Woodruff (916) 920-0211
  • Camille Heath Hemmer  (916) 922-8500
  • Steven Richard Burlingham  (916) 332-8122
  • Mark Fredrik Johannessen  (916) 488-5088
  • Stephen James Wagner  (916) 920-9504

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Immigration Attorneys

Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys

  • Scott Gregory Beattie  (209) 222-3686
  • Shari L Allen-Garibaldi  (209) 466-6735
  • Saroya Judith Leonardini (209) 948-8200
  • Christopher Herrick Engh  (209) 478-2000
  • James Ronald Dyke (209) 948-8200
  • Anthony Micheal Despotes  (209) 948-8200
  • Sidney Lee Alegre  (209) 830-2939
  • Sabrina Miaei Schneweis-Coe (209) 339-9196
  • Andrew David Smith (209) 333-9292
  • Michael Craig Belden (209) 835-9592
  • Gail Archer Bakerink  (209) 235-2905
  • Shari L Allen-Garibaldi (209) 466-6735
  • Wendy Misao Morodomi  (209) 952-4545
  • Mark Francis Ornellas (209) 956-5900

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